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Before you register, please read the SovLink Terms and Conditions for using SovLink. We would like to draw your attention to these key points of the agreement.

  • You agree to keep your username and password secret at all times and not write it down anywhere, or disclose it to anyone who does not have permission from Sovereign to access SovLink.
  • You agree to be responsible for your own computer anti-virus and other security measures while using SovLink.
  • For your internet security, you agree to use an internet browser software that supports 128 bit encryption to access SovLink e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or greater.
  • You agree not to use or permit the use of information obtained from SovLink for any illegal or illegitimate activities.

Registration Overview

Step 1: Fill out registration form
  Fill out our online registration form below and click the Register button to forward us your registration electronically. When finished, SovLink will display a confirmation page showing a special verification PIN. Please print this page for your records and have it ready for when we call you.
Step 2: We will call you
  When we have received your online registration, we will contact you by phone to verify your registration. You can expect a call within the next business day or sooner.
Step 3: Activate....Login!
  Once we have successfully verified you by phone, we will activate your account. You can now log into SovLink!

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Sovereign will use the information below to verify you when you call our helpdesk for support. Please supply a question with a matching answer that no one, other than you would know, and that won’t change over time.

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